Secondary Electron Emission of NiCr and AlBe Alloys

  • U. A. Arifov
  • Kh. Kh. Khadzhimukhamedov
  • A. Kh. Makhmudov


The manner in which fast electrons move in a solid depends very little on the structure of the latter and differs only slightly in metals and semiconductors. The average depth \(\bar l\) of the penetration of an electron into a solid is proportional to its energy E0, raised to the power ~ 1.5 [1]. The probability W0 of the excitation of secondary electrons in matter increases as the energy of the primary electrons diminishes (as the electrons slow down in the target), i.e., at the end of the primary-electron trajectory W0 reaches its greatest value. Inelastically-reflected electrons, moving toward the surface of the solid, also participate in the excitation of a considerable number of secondary electrons.


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  • U. A. Arifov
  • Kh. Kh. Khadzhimukhamedov
  • A. Kh. Makhmudov

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