Secondary Emission of Negative Particles from NiCr and CuBe Alloys

  • Kh. Kh. Khadzhimukhamedov
  • A. Kh. Makhmudov
  • A. Kh. Ayukhanov


The emission of negative particles from solids has been studied in a large number of experimental investigations. However, the nature of these particles has for a long time remained without proper consideration. It was established earlier [1] that the secondary emission of negative particles comprises electrons with a soft energy spectrum and negative ions with a hard spectrum, extending to several tens of electron volts. The secondary emission may readily be separated into two components, electrons and negative ions. For this purpose a weak magnetic field (some 50 Oe) is applied in the target region; the secondary electrons are strongly deflected by the field and fall on a special collector.


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  • Kh. Kh. Khadzhimukhamedov
  • A. Kh. Makhmudov
  • A. Kh. Ayukhanov

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