Negative-Ion Sputtering of Silver on Bombardment with Cs+ Ions

  • M. K. Abdullaeva
  • A. Kh. Ayukhanov


The mass spectrum of the negative-ion sputtering obtained by bombarding the surfaces of a number of solids with Cs+ ions was studied earlier [1]. Very strong peaks of atomic and molecular negative ions not associated with the material of the irradiated target were observed, together with atomic and molecular negative ions of the actual target material, and also peaks associated with the ions of oxides and other chemical compounds of the target material with surface contaminants or fragments (decomposition products) of these surface compounds. The emission of the wide variety of negative ions of the first group was apparently determined by the vacuum conditions of the experimental apparatus (P = 10-6 mm Hg) and by the intensification of the negative-ion sputtering which developed on bombarding the surfaces with Cs+ ions.


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  • M. K. Abdullaeva
  • A. Kh. Ayukhanov

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