Study of the Adsorption of Gas Mixtures on the Irradiated Surfaces of Silicagels by the Method of Infrared Spectroscopy

  • Sh. A. Ablyaev
  • L. Ya. Alimova
  • Z. S. Settarova


The effect of radiation on the adsorption of gas mixtures by silicagels has been little studied up to the present time. Mixtures in which one or several components are chemisorbed have not been studied at all. During the gamma irradiation of silicagels and zeolites, the components of a binary gas mixture (02, N2) are adsorbed in accordance with their partial pressures [1] on the radiation centers, quite independently of one another. On studying two-component (H2, 02) (H2, N2) or three-component (H2, 02, N2) mixtures, the degree of adsorption is found to depend very considerably on the nature of the components. The presence of hydrogen in the adsorption space increases the adsorption of oxygen by up to 20% and that of nitrogen by up to 6%. Our own experiments showed that analogous results followed the subjection of silicagels to high-frequency discharges.


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  • Sh. A. Ablyaev
  • L. Ya. Alimova
  • Z. S. Settarova

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