Changes in the Structure of Molybdenum Single Crystals Subjected to Thermal Fatigue

  • V. A. Krakhmalev
  • G. A. Klein


Refractory metals such as Ta, Mo, W, Re, Nb, and others are attracting more and more attention in various fields of science and technology as a result of their heat resistance and strength at high temperatures. The physieomechanical [1, 2], chemical [3–5], and emission [6,7] properties of these materials are being extensively studied. However, the thermal fatigue of refractory metals, i.e., the changes taking place in the physicomechanical and other characteristics on subjection to periodic thermal cycling have not so far been adequately considered. This applies particularly to single crystals obtained from refractory metals.


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  • V. A. Krakhmalev
  • G. A. Klein

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