Effect of the State of the Substrate on the Secondary Emission of Dielectric Films Subjected to Ion Bombardment

  • U. A. Arifov
  • R. R. Rakhimov
  • S. Gaipov


The potential emission of electrons on bombarding alkali halide films with inert-gas ions was mentioned earlier [1]. The coefficient of potential emission γ π was two or three times greater than in the case of refractory metals. The value of γ π increased up to thicknesses of tens of monomolecular layers, i.e., the potential emission of electrons had a depth (three-dimensional) character. However, the mechanism of potential electron emission from a dielectric film deposited on a metal has never yet been elucidated. It would appear likely that the state of the substrate surface, the character of the boundary layer, and also the properties of the actual film should affect the value of γ π.


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  • U. A. Arifov
  • R. R. Rakhimov
  • S. Gaipov

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