Angular Dependence of the Energy Spectra of Secondary Ions Scattered by a Single Crystal

  • U. A. Arifov
  • A. A. Aliev


We showed in an earlier series of papers [1–5] that, on bombarding single crystals with ion beams, the general anisotropy of the angular distribution was accompanied by a marked structure in the energy distribution of the secondary ions, the nature of this being determined by the multiple collisions of the incident ion with the ordered distribution of atoms in the single crystal. The results of these investigations were in good agreement with the calculated data presented elsewhere [6], which related to a quantitative estimation of the probability of two-fold collisions taking place in addition to single collisions. However, the energy spectra indicate the occurrence of scattered ions with energies considerably greater than those of ions experiencing two-fold collisions. The presence of such ions, with maximum energies of Em, is apparently attributable to collisions of higher multiplicity.


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  • U. A. Arifov
  • A. A. Aliev

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