Theory of Some of the Discrepancies Observed in Application of the Kubelka-Munk Equations to Particulate Systems

  • J. A. Van den Akker


Beginning with the classic work of Stokes(1), a number of theories have been evolved during the past century to account for the observable optical properties of such light-scattering, light-absorbing media as piles of plates or films, translucent or partially opaque films, coatings, and sheets. Excellent reviews of the principal theories have been given by Judd and Wyszecki(2), Ingle(3), and Kubelka(4). The latter two have demonstrated the equivalence of some of the theories. Additionally, Kubelka(4) has presented a number of very useful equations stemming from the Kubelka-Munk theory(5).


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  • J. A. Van den Akker
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  1. 1.Department of Physics and MathematicsThe Institute of Paper ChemistryAppletonUSA

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