RIME: Preliminary Work Toward a Knowledge-Acquisition Tool

  • Judith Bachant
Part of the The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science book series (SECS, volume 57)


When analyzing a task for potential use of a knowledge-acquisition tool, it may not be clear whether to use an existing tool or build a new one. If the latter is indicated, it is even less apparent how to proceed. XCON14 (also known as R1) [McDermott 82, Bachant 84], an expert system application that configures DEC computer systems, has evolved over time and expanded in scope. At one level, its task is understood, as the program is used extensively on a daily basis and performs well. However, this understanding appears incomplete when considering a knowledge-acquisition tool for XCON’s task. Additional groundwork needs to be covered and foundations set before it will be feasible to design such a tool. RIME is an attempt to establish some of that foundation. It is a programming methodology that takes a step toward understanding the nature of a potential automated tool and, in so doing, helps human knowledge engineers design and develop an expert system.


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