Expression of Recombinant Human FSH, LH, and CG in Mammalian Cells: A Model for Probing Functional Determinants

  • I. Boime
  • J. Keene
  • A. B. Galway
  • F. A. M. Fares
  • P. LaPolt
  • A. J. W. Hsueh
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The family of glycoprotein hormones includes pituitary thyrotropin (TSH), lutropin (LH), and follitropin (FSH) and placental chorionic gonadotropin (CG). TSH is critical for the maintenance of thyroid function; LH and FSH are needed for normal gonadal function, and CG is important for sustaining the corpus luteum during pregnancy. Each hormone is a heterodimer of 2 noncovalently associated subunits, α and β, that are encoded by separate genes located on different chromosomes in humans. The β-subunit confers the unique biological specificity for each hormone. Newly synthesized α -and β-subunits are rapidly assembled in the endoplasmic reticulum, and the oligosaccharides in the dimers undergo hormone-specific posttranslational modifications. Thus, the biological activity of these glycoprotein hormones can be regulated at several steps in the biosynthetic/secretory pathway.


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  • J. Keene
  • A. B. Galway
  • F. A. M. Fares
  • P. LaPolt
  • A. J. W. Hsueh

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