Progesterone Effects on FSH Secretion in Estrogen-Treated Normal Men

  • A. Mancini
  • P. Zuppi
  • C. Fiumara
  • M. L. Fabrizi
  • T. Iacona
  • L. Sammartano
  • E. Menini
  • L. De Marinis
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The phenomenon of positive feedback between estrogens and luteinizing hormone (LH), originally thought to be exclusive to females on the basis of experimental studies in rodents (1, 2), has been shown to be present in male primates, including humans (3–6). The interactions between steroids and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) have been less thoroughly investigated. In vivo studies have only been concerned with the regulation of FSH in pre- or post-menopausal women (7–9).


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  • A. Mancini
  • P. Zuppi
  • C. Fiumara
  • M. L. Fabrizi
  • T. Iacona
  • L. Sammartano
  • E. Menini
  • L. De Marinis

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