Regulation of Follicle Stimulating Hormone Secretion by Natural and Synthetic Corticosteroids

  • Darrell W. Brann
  • Carla D. Putnam
  • Virendra B. Mahesh
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A preeminent role has been given to the ovary as the source of steroids in the regulation of LH and FSH secretion. However, the adrenal also has great capacity to secrete steroids and may contribute significantly to the overall steroid milieu, leading to the preovulatory (PO) surges of LH and FSH, the estrous surge of FSH, and ovulation in the female rat. Adrenalectomy before day 25 in the female rat has been shown to delay puberty, an effect that is reversed by corticosterone replacement (1). This delay in puberty may be due to decreased FSH secretion since adrenalectomy has been shown to result in the acute suppression of FSH release in the immature rat (2). In the adult cycling rat, adrenalectomy has been reported to attenuate the proestrous LH and FSH surges (3), prolong the critical period (4), increase irregular cyclicity (4), reduce ovulation number (5), and disrupt follicular development (5).


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  • Carla D. Putnam
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