Geoidal Map Improvement in Brazil

  • Denizar Blitzkow
  • Luiz Paulo Souto Fortes
  • René Armando Zepeda Godoy
Conference paper
Part of the International Association of Geodesy Symposia book series (IAG SYMPOSIA, volume 104)


A very great effort has been done recently by many different organizations in Brazil in order to improve the gravity network. The consequence has been an increasing number of blocks of 10×10 where mean gravity anomaly has been possible to estimate. In the other hand, IBGE has increased the number of Doppler observations in the levelling network and improved the computations of the observations with new programs. This paper presents the situation of mean gravity anomalies now available and the results of the comparison between the Doppler undulations and the recent GEM-T1 model. Finally, a geoidal map using 301 doppler undulations and the spheroidal heights derived from GEM-Tl is presented.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Denizar Blitzkow
    • 1
  • Luiz Paulo Souto Fortes
    • 2
  • René Armando Zepeda Godoy
    • 2
  1. 1.IAG - USPSão PauloBrazil
  2. 2.IBGEAv. BrasilRio de JaneiroBrazil

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