Granulomatous Liver Disease: Pathology

  • Jay H. Lefkowitch


Granulomas are found in up to 10% of liver biopsies1, 2 and thereby represent a significant diagnostic challenge for the histopathologist. These focal collections of mature apposed macrophages participate in an immunologic reaction to foreign material or other antigenic stimuli. Participating macrophages may attain epithelium-like features (epithelioid macrophages) or may fuse (giant cells). Interleukins 1 and 2 (IL-1 and IL-2), T-helper (T4) and T-suppressor (T8) lymphocytes, and variable numbers of eosinophils and plasma cells contribute to the formation of these localized lesions.3 The pathologic features of hepatic granulomas have been comprehensively reviewed by Ishak1 and others.3–9


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