• B. D. Harrison
  • D. J. Robinson
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The tobravirus group is now considered to have three members (Table I; Robinson & Harrison, 1985a). Tobacco rattle virus (TRV) causes a tobacco disease that was first described in Germany by Behrens (1899), who called it Mauche. The virus was shown to pass through a bacterium-retaining filter by Böning (1931) and was partially characterized by Quanjer (1943), who first referred to it as tobacco ratel (= rattle) virus. Pepper ringspot virus (PRV) was for several years known as the CAM strain of TRV (Harrison and Woods, 1966) but is now considered a separate virus (Robinson and Harrison, 1985a). Pea early-browning virus (PEBV) was first found in the Netherlands (Bos and van der Want, 1962) and now includes a range of isolates including one initially described as broad bean yellow band virus (Russo et al., 1984; Robinson and Harrison, 1985b). The known geographical distributions of individual tobraviruses and the more important diseases they cause are given in Table I.


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