Central Nervous System

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Psychologists have a special interest in the central nervous system (CNS), particularly the “gray matter,” that thin layer of neocortical cells only 2 to 5 mm deep in which our most highly developed capabilities reside. Our cerebral cortex allows us to hear, taste, smell, feel, and see. In addition, it puts all of these sensory inputs together in meaningful ways. This is where we “know” things and form our “thoughts.” Further, the neocortex allows for the most delicate control of our finest muscles, notably those in our hands, feet and face. And finally, the neocortex, particularly that part that is located in the very frontmost part of the brain, is where we make plans, contemplate the future, render judgments, set priorities, solve problems, and organize long sequences of behavior. It is little wonder, then, that the cerebral cortex, with all that it allows us to do, plays such a prominent role in our models of human behavior.


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