Psychological Recovery in Low-Income Single Parents

  • Jean Baker Miller
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Mental health literature has tended to characterize the single mother in concepts steeped in loss, grief, separation, defects, deficiencies, and the like. The single-parent family is frequently discussed in terms of “broken homes” and with a concern for “problem children.”5 Recently, a small but significant body of literature has countered these prevalent assumptions.1,2,4,7 In utilizing this newer material, it is important to study the parents’ own sources of strength. A significant number of the single women studied have solved many extraordinary problems in the face of formidable obstacles. Their single parenthood has led to personal growth for many. In adulthood they have made major revisions in their roles in life, and in their self- and object-representations. Many have become contributors to their community, and their children are often a source of strength rather than difficulty.


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