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It is customary, and often useful, to begin a topical review of this sort with a general definition of the field to be covered. In the case of “neurosecretion,” or the study of the “neurosecretory cell,” the task of designing a definition with satisfactory precision is challenging. After all, all neurons participate in some sort of secretory activity. Indeed, expulsion of waste products and some form of membrane recycling are necessary and fundamental properties of all cells. Moreover, all neurons, with the exception of those linked by low-resistance electrical junctions, communicate with one another by the secretion of messenger compounds. Since “neurosecretion” is not conventionally used to encompass all secretory activities of all nerve cells, it is evident that a more restrictive definition is required.


Axonal Transport Secretory Vesicle Secretory Product Retrograde Transport Neurosecretory Cell 
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