The Biology of Cytomegaloviruses

  • Fred Rapp
Part of the The Viruses book series (VIRS)


The initial isolations of human cytomegaloviruses (HCMVs) occurred in 1956 and 1957 (Rowe et al., 1956; M. G. Smith, 1956; Weller et al., 1957). Many investigators have since isolated CMVs or CMV-like agents from a variety of hosts including monkeys (Black et al., 1963; Ablashi et al., 1972; Asher et al., 1974; Nigida et al., 1979; Rangan and Chaiban, 1980), horses (Plummer and Waterson, 1963; Hsiung et al., 1969), rats (Rabson et al., 1969), squirrels (Diosi and Babusceac, 1970), pigs (Plowright et al., 1976), mice (M. G. Smith, 1954; Kim et al., 1975), guinea pigs (Jackson, 1920; Cole and Kuttner, 1926), and sheep (Hartley and Done, 1963).


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