Photodegradation of Foods and Beverages

  • John D. Spikes


Most foods and beverages are rather unstable and undergo changes in odor, flavor, texture, color, nutrient content, etc., as the storage time increases. The rates and pathways of food degradation can be influenced by chemicals (e.g., metal ions, oxygen), pH, temperature, microorganisms, etc., and, as examined in this chapter, by ultraviolet (UV*) and visible radiation. There is now a rather large amount of literature on the photodegradation of foods and beverages. The present review is an extensive rather than intensive survey designed to illustrate the scope of the field. As much as possible, recent papers are used to illustrate the points I wish to make as a photobiologist; these provide an entry to the earlier literature. Unfortunately, there appear to be relatively few recent reviews on the effects of light on foods. The earlier literature was briefly reviewed by Heiss and Radtke (1968) and by Segal (1971). More recently, Sattar and deMan (1975) have reviewed the photodegradation of milk and milk products in detail, and Hense and Mari (1978) have reviewed the effects of light on those foods and beverages usually packaged in glass containers.


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