On the Mechanism of Protein Cross-Linking with Glutaral-Dehyde

  • Sven Branner-Jorgensen


Four theories have been developed to explain the cross-linking reaction of glutaraldehyde with proteins: (a) simple Schiff-base formation; (b) reaction of glutaraldehyde pplymers to form Michael-type additions to the protein (1); (c) glutaraldehyde polymers forming conjugation stabilized Schiff-bases with the protein (2); and (d) pyridinium ion theory (3). We have tested these different mechanistic proposals with the following dialdehydes: succinic, glutaric, 2,4-dimethylglutaric (2,4-DMGA), and adipic.


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  • Sven Branner-Jorgensen
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  1. 1.NOVO Industri A/S BagsvaerdDenmark

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