Properties of a Cell-Bound Glucose Isomerase

  • O. J. LanteroJr.


The application of immobilized glucose isomerase in the production of high fructose syrup has reached commercial importance. In spite of the many immobilized forms of glucose isomerase reported in the last several years, only a few are commercially available for industrial use. The enzyme sources of all the reported immobilized glucose isomerases are microbiological. Immobilized glucose isomerases can be divided into two general types: (a) fixation of the intracellular enzyme to the structural material of the microorganism; and (b) immobilization of soluble enzyme. Recently some quantitative work on the reaction kinetics have appeared in the literature for reactor models (1-3). This paper will present some of the properties and kinetics of an immobilized intracellular glucose isomerase from Streptomyces olivaceus.


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