Enzymatic Deacetylation of Cephalosporins

  • J. Konecny


The acetyl esterase from B. subtieis ATCC 6633 is a stable, nonspecific and relatively costly enzyme with a molecular weight of about 150,000 and an activity maximum at pH 8. The Vmax for all substrates examined are typically 110 to 130 µmole/min/mg pure protein; and the values of Km range from 7 to 15 mM for various cephalosporins. Nearly pure enzyme preparations are obtained in high yields from the cell extract (1,2). The enzyme has been immobilized on several carriers, including controlled pore glass (CPG) and brick powder (2,3). The present work describes the analytical and preparative uses of this esterase as a catalyst for deacetyling cephalosporins, with emphasis on the choice of reaction conditions, the carrier, and the reactor for specific applications.


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  • J. Konecny
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  1. 1.CIBA-GEIGY LIMITEDBaselSwitzerland

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