Hydrolysis of Glucuronides with Immobilized Enzymes

  • D. J. Fink
  • M. K. Bean
  • R. D. Falb


Metabolism of many drugs leads to the formation of conjugation products with glucuronic acid prior to excretion of urine. Thus, heroin is converted to morphine and, after conjugation with glucuronic acid, appears in the urine primarily as morphine glucuronide. Detection systems for drug glucuronides can be improved if the glucuronide is hydrolyzed first (1). In the case of morphine,a significant increase in sensitivity can be realized using enzyme-catalyzed glucuronide hydrolysis (2). With the development of techniques for enzyme immobilization, it should be possible to prepare an insoluble ß-glucuronidase derivative which permits exposure of the test sample to relatively large amounts of the enzyme, making the hydrolysis amenable to instrumentation on continuous-flow analysers (3-5). Solid-phase enzymes should also be useful in other analyses such as the quantitation of steroid glucuronides (5,6).


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  • M. K. Bean
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  • R. D. Falb
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