A Method to Prepare Bead-Shaped Immobilized Enzyme

  • Koji Kawashima


A new method to entrap enzymes in a polymer matrix is presented. In this method ionizing radiation was applied to polymerize a water soluble synthetic monomer and a polymer in the presence of an enzyme. More than twenty compounds were selected as the polymerizing reagent, including acrylic acid, several acrylates (Na-, K-, Ca-, Mg-), vinyl pyrrolidone, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, polyvinyl alcohol, acrylamide, and divinyl sulfone. The enzyme and polymerizing reagent were mixed and quickly frozen at −78°C and then irradiated at 50 to 500 Krad by gamma rays. Polymerization was conducted in air. By this method the immobilized enzyme was prepared in bead, membrane, bag, and tube form having high enzymic activities. Some were colored black or gray.


Acrylic Acid Immobilize Enzyme Pyruvate Kinase Vinyl Pyrrolidone Glucose Isomerase 
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  • Koji Kawashima
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  1. 1.National Food Research Institute Shiohama KotokuTokyoJapan

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