Brain Glycoprotein 10B: Further Evidence of the “Sign-Post” Role of Brain Glycoproteins in Cell Recognition, Its Change in Brain Tumor, and the Presence of a “Distance Factor”

  • Samuel Bogoch
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 32)


Brain glycoprotein 10B was first isolated from normal brain tissue and from brain tumors in 1964 (3). 10B was also isolated from a brain tumor of the ependymoma-glioma type grown subcutaneously in mouse (4), from normal cat hippocampus and caudate nuclei (4), from normal mouse brain, normal pigeon brain, and from subcellular fractions of guinea pig brain (4). 10B is structurally distinguished from microtubule protein (21), S100 protein (18), antigen α (2) and the alkylated brain protein (15). Antisera prepared to brain 10B did not react with proteins of other organs or serum (5).


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