Immunological Studies of Brain Specific Protein

  • Krystyna Warecka
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 32)


We have found a glycoprotein in human brain which is brain specific on immunological criteria (7). As can be seen in Fig.1A, immune sera prepared against white matter, give precipitation bands with aqueous extracts from white matter. Only one band remains if this serum is absorbed with human serum and organ extracts (Fig.1B). After absorption of the immune serum with liver and kidney extracts, only the brain specific band can be seen. The protein migrates in the alpha2 area, and by immunoelectrqphoretic analysis gives a sharply defined, rather straight precipitation line which terminates as a semi-circle around the application well (Fig. 2 ).


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  • Krystyna Warecka
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  1. 1.NervenklinikMedizinischen Akademie Lübeck (24)Germany

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