The Integrated State of Viral DNA in SV40-Transformed Cells

  • J. Sambrook
  • H. Westphal
  • P. R. Srinivasan
  • R. Dulbecco
Part of the Milestones in Current Research book series (MCR)


It has been shown by a modified DNA-RNA hybridization technique that the nuclei of cells transformed by either polyoma virus or SV40 contain viral DNA.1 This method employs RNA synthesized in vitro with form I viral DNA2–4 and E. coli RNA polymerase. The number of viral DNA equivalents per cell varies from 5 to 60, depending on the cell line. In this communication, we will report on the physical state of the viral DNA in SV3T3 cells, an SV40-transformed cell line that contains 20 SV40 DNA equivalents per cell.


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  • J. Sambrook
  • H. Westphal
  • P. R. Srinivasan
  • R. Dulbecco

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