Trophic Interactions of Crustacean Neurons

  • George D. Bittner


Most of the research discussed in this volume elucidates the neuronal basis of behavior with emphasis on the bioelectric properties and synaptic interactions of crustacean or insect neurons. However, invertebrate neurons (and vertebrate neurons) are also involved in another set of functionally important interactions which are not directly involved with the neuronal control of behavior on a second-to-second basis but which alter behavior on a long-term basis by altering the metabolic state of neurons or effector organs; that is, the various parts of a neuron (axon, dendrites, terminal regions, etc.) interact trophically with each other and with adjacent glial, presynaptic, and postsynaptic elements (Guth, 1968, 1969; Bittner, 1973a).


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