Neuromuscular Transmission in Insects

  • Peter N. R. Usherwood


In his long career as our leading invertebrate neurobiologist, Professor C. A. G. Wiersma has studied a vast array of crustacean preparations, and the many important generalizations and concepts which have emanated from his work will continue to influence neurobiology for many years. The advances in our understanding of nervous systems that resulted from his studies have tended to overshadow those small but significant differences between species that have come to light through his comparative approach. In the fullness of time, such differences will undoubtedly be exploited to good effect, but for the present they serve as a reminder to us all of the dangers of trendy generalization and convenient extrapolation.


Neuromuscular Transmission Motor Nerve Terminal Conditioning Pulse Cleft Width Neurosecretory Neuron 
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