Long-Term Results of Valvular Replacement in Pediatric Patients

  • I. Reyes
  • A. Juffe
  • G. Pradas
  • R. Burgos
  • L. Pulpón
  • G. Tellez
  • R. Vargas
  • D. Figuera


This study presents the long-term results of 52 children who had 52 valvular substitutions between 1971 and 1984. Ages were between 5 and 16 years (mean 10.7 years) with 22 females and 30 males. The etiology was congenital in 35% and rheumatic in 65% of these cases. Eighteen patients underwent aortic valve replacement, 23 underwent mitral valve replacement, 10 patients had double valve replacement (aortic and mitral), and 1 patient had tricuspid valve replacement. Thirty-two BJÖRK-SHILEY®, 7 ST. JUDE MEDICAL®, 7 HANCOCK®, and 6 dura mater valves were used. Hospital mortality due to elective surgery was 6.6%. Six patients required reoperation. The actuarial survival rate after 8 years of follow-up was 77.3%. All patients are postoperatively in New York Heart Association (NYHA) Functional Class I except 1 patient who is in Class II. No thromboembolic complications have appeared. After 8 years, 90.2% of the patients are free of complications due to anticoagulants. There are no significant differences in survival between biological and mechanical prostheses. We conclude that valvular replacement in children does not offer greater risks or complications than in adults. Owing to accelerated deterioration of biological prostheses in this type of patient and the few complications related to anticoagulation we have found, we think that replacement with mechanical prostheses is appropriate in children, except when anticoagulation is contraindicated.


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  • I. Reyes
  • A. Juffe
  • G. Pradas
  • R. Burgos
  • L. Pulpón
  • G. Tellez
  • R. Vargas
  • D. Figuera

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