Technical Problems in Aortic Valve Re-Replacement

  • V. Schlosser


Between 1981 and 1986, we replaced 371 aortic valves, mainly using ST. JUDE MEDICAL® (SJM) aortic prostheses. During the same period, we had to replace the prosthetic aortic valve in 20 cases, with 1 death. Causes of reoperation were paravalvular leak in 6 patients and endocarditis in 12. In 2 patients, valve re-replacement was performed because very small prostheses had been implanted during childhood. Reoperation does not include major surgical problems, but the excision of small SJM valves from the narrow aortic anulus raises some problems. In order to prevent fracture of the leaflets during excision, we used a valve holder designed by a technician that enables traction on the valve without any risk of leaflet fracture.


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