Aortic Valve Replacement in Patients 75 Years and Over

  • B. Blakeman
  • A. Montoya
  • H. Sullivan
  • M. Bakhos
  • J. Grieco
  • B. Foy
  • R. Pifarre


A select group of 65 patients in the eighth decade of life who had aortic valvular replacement (AVR) from 1915 through 1984 were retrospectively studied. Preoperatively, 58 of the 65 patients were in New York Heart Association (NYHA) Class III or IV. This group included isolated A VR cases (26 patients) and A VR with concomitant procedures (39 patients). Perioperative mortality (30 days) was 1.5% and perioperative morbidity (62%) involved 54 complications in 40 patients. Long-term follow-up was available for 55 patients, including 40 survivors. Thirty-eight of 40 medium-term survivors (12%) are now in NYHA Class I or II. Perioperative mortality and improved quality of life support aortic valve replacement in this older population.


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  • B. Blakeman
  • A. Montoya
  • H. Sullivan
  • M. Bakhos
  • J. Grieco
  • B. Foy
  • R. Pifarre

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