Structure of Agricultural Input and Output Industries

  • Glynn McBride


Our efforts in this chapter will be directed toward determining the position on the spectrum of competition, ranging from pure competition to monopoly, which is occupied by representatives of the industries providing inputs to agriculture and those buying the output from agriculture. The purpose will be to assess the range of economic opportunities afforded them as a result of their position on the spectrum. The ultimate objective, of course, is to be able to say something regarding strategies relating to price and output which are open to the economic actors with which we are concerned. Hopefully, this will provide bases for policy and program implications and possible prescriptive measures that will be in the public interest. The structural format set forth in the preceding chapter will be used in this effort, especially the range of competition scale as shown in Chapter 1 (p. 13) and the structure, conduct, and performance model of industrial organization at the end of the same chapter.


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