Sources of Fats and Oils

  • Harry W. Lawson
Part of the The L. J. Minor Food Service Standards Series book series (TLMFSS, volume 5)


There are numerous sources of fats and vegetable oils that go into the production of food products. They can be of animal or vegetable origin. In the United States, the more important vegetable oils consumed include soybean, coconut, and corn oils. Soybean and corn oils are produced in the United States, whereas coconut oil is imported primarily from tropical growing climates such as the Philippine Islands. Important meat fats include lard, edible tallow, and butterfat. Table 1 summarizes changes in the consumption of fats and oils from various sources for the years 1970, 1977, and 1980.


Philippine Island Sharp Melting Point Edible Tallow Vegetable Shortening Palm Kernel Meal 
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