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Fish have been raised by Japanese farmers for hundreds of years. However, production for commercial sale began about 150 years ago. The industry grew slowly until the 1930s when the government placed emphasis on marine harvest. During World War II the government emphasized freshwater culture and production of freshwater fish expanded. After the war the cultured fish industry, though largely ignored by the government, continued to grow. In 1950, output of shallow sea cultured fish reached 48,000 MT (52,896 ST), including mussels, mollusks, and seaweeds, and freshwater cultured fish reached 5000 MT (5510 ST). From 1950 through 1978, the output of cultured marine fish, mussels, mollusks, and seaweeds expanded from 48,000 MT to 917,000 MT (1,010,534 ST) or by 1810% (Table 23.1). This was at an annual rate of 65%. Inland freshwater cultured fish production increased from 5000 MT in 1950 to 90,000 MT (99,180 ST) in 1978. This was a 1700% increase, or an annual rate of nearly 61% (Table 23.1). Marine harvest of wild fish increased 197% during these 28 years, and the inland freshwater wild harvest increased only 119%. In 1950 the cultured fish industry accounted for 1.6% of total production. In 1978, the cultured fish industry accounted for 9.3% of total production. At present, the government is placing renewed efforts into stimulating marine and freshwater culturing, including sea ranching, because the new international 322 km (200 mi) zones reduced Japanese marine catch of several useful species.


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