Trout culture in Italy was originated in the mountains, in a region called Trentino, roughly at the beginning of the century. Development in this region was related to the common belief that since natural trout live in mountain brooks, trout farms should be built in the mountains. These early trout farmers erroneously believed that altitude was an important factor. They did not know that the limiting factor was high quantity of water with constant flow and constant temperature. Consequently, for many years trout farming was done in mountain areas where water was scarce, winters were long, and land was restricted. In this way trout farming was born, but its development in the mountains stopped soon after because of restricted areas and water supplied. Producing marketable trout in mountain trout farms took more than 24 months, and the amount produced was not enough to supply 10% of the national demand. Italy, until about 1965, was the best market for the production of other countries such as Denmark.


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