Structure of robots: geometrical and mechanical constraints

  • Alain Liégeois
Part of the Robot Technology book series (NSRDS, volume 7)


Chapters 1 to 3 are principally concerned with establishing a condensed representation of the characteristics of the bodies that make up the robot and its work location, taking into account, for example, the configuration of the set of coordinate axes relating to each body, the velocity of motion of this set of axes, the position of the centre of inertia, the moments of the centres of inertia and vibratory modes etc. This information is necessary in order to create a data base that can be used to simulate and analyse the operation of a robotic system. It is also important to have data on the geometrical shape of the body or part concerned, in order to prevent collisions, for example, or to follow joints using a welding torch, or to follow a surface, such as a car door, when using a spray-gun.


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