The Murine T Cell-Specific Serine Proteinase-1: Cleavage Activity on Synthetic and Natural Substrates

  • M. D. Kramer
  • U. Vettel
  • K. Ebnet
  • M. M. Simon


The murine T-cell-associated serine proteinase-1 (MTSP-1; Simon et al., 1986), synonymously denominated BLT esterase (Pasternack and Eisen, 1985; Pasternack et al., 1986), granzyme A (Masson et al., 1986), and SE-1 (Young et al., 1986), is contained within cytoplasmic granules of activated T cells (Fruth et al., 1987; Kramer et al. 1989) and is released into the extracellular space by receptor-triggered secretory exocytosis (Takayama et al., 1987; Takahashi et al., 1991). MTSP-1 is a trypsin-like endopeptidase, as revealed on low-molecular-weight chromogenic peptide substrates (Kramer et al., 1986) and has an optimal activity at neutral to slightly alkaline pH (Simon et al., 1986). Its functional characteristics suggest MTSP-1 to be operative only in the extracellular milieu.


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  • U. Vettel
  • K. Ebnet
  • M. M. Simon

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