Generation of Antigen-Specific Murine CTL Under Weakly Immunogenic Conditions

  • Sergey G. Apasov


The two-step generation of allospecific cytotoxic T cell lymphocytes (CTL) is an effective method to obtain highly active antigen-specific CTL. The first step involves the in vivo induction of CTL precursors (pCTL) followed by in vitro incubation of these precursors as the second step for the development of pCTL into CTL. The method was introduced (Wagner et al., 1976; Starzinski-Powitz et al., 1976) to produce CTL recognizing the hapten-conjugated syngeneic structures of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC). Later this approach was successfully used to develop CTL recognizing minor alloantigens (Czitrom and Gascoigne, 1983) or to generate CTL in the system where the donor and recipient differ by point mutations in MHC class I molecules (Brondz et al., 1987).


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