SPDP Crosslinking of Antibodies to Form Heteroconjugates Mediating Redirected Cytotoxicity

  • David M. Segal


Succinimidyl-3-(2-pyridyldithiol)-propionate (SPDP) is used to heterocrosslink two different antibodies or their Fab fragments. Crosslinking is through a disulfide bond, and is therefore reducible. Variations on this procedure crosslink antibodies via nonreducible thioether linkages.


Disulfide Borate Dithiothreitol Iodoacetamide Maleimide 


  1. Titus JA, Garrido MA, Hecht TT, Winkler DF, Wunderlich JR, Segal DM (1987): Human T cells targeted with anit-T3 crosslinked to anti-tumor antibody prevent tumor growth in nude mice. J Immunol 138: 4018–4022Google Scholar

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