Role of CD8+αβ T Cells in Respiratory Infections Caused by Sendai Virus and Influenza Virus

  • Peter C. Doherty
  • William Allan
  • Maryna Eichelberger
  • Sam Hou
  • Jacqueline M. Katz
  • Rudolf Jaenisch
  • Maarten Zijlstra


Current understanding of the part played by CD8+ αβ T cells in respiratory virus infections is based on findings from a spectrum of approaches. These include direct analysis of the patterns of lymphocyte involvement in the virus-infected lung (McDermott et al., 1987; Pena-Cruz et al., 1989; Allan et al., 1990; Openshaw, 1991; Eichelberger et al., 1991b), adoptive transfer experiments utilizing either bulk immune T-cell populations or cell lines (Leung and Ada, 1992; Lukacher et al., 1984, 1986; Ada and Jones, 1986; Taylor and Askonas, 1986; Kast et al., 1986; Cannon et al., 1987; Askonas et al., 1988; Mackenzie et al., 1989), in vivo depletion with monoclonal antibody (mAb) (Lightman et al., 1987; Waldmann, 1989; Allan et al., 1990; Eichelberger et al., 1991b), and the use of H-2 mutant or genetically manipulated mice (de Waal et al., 1983; Eichelberger et al., 1991b).


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  • Peter C. Doherty
  • William Allan
  • Maryna Eichelberger
  • Sam Hou
  • Jacqueline M. Katz
  • Rudolf Jaenisch
  • Maarten Zijlstra

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