The Granzyme A Gene: A Marker for Cytolytic Lymphocytes In Vivo

  • Gillian M. Griffiths
  • Susan Alpert
  • R. Jane Hershberger
  • Lishan Su
  • Irving L. Weissman


Granzyme A, initially termed Hanukkah factor (HF) in this laboratory, is a serine protease contained within specialized cytoplasmic granules of activated cytolytic lymphocytes (CTL). These granules contain other granzymes, proteoglycans, and a pore-forming protein termed perforin (Podack, 1989). The granules and the proteins contained within them appear only after T-cell activation occurs, and their exocytosis seems to account for at least one mechanism of lymphocyte cytotoxicity. Whether this is the only mechanism remains controversial (Chapters 16, 18, 28, this volume; Berke, 1991; Krahenbuhl and Tschopp, 1991).


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  • Gillian M. Griffiths
  • Susan Alpert
  • R. Jane Hershberger
  • Lishan Su
  • Irving L. Weissman

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