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David Courtnay Mar was born on January 19, 1945 in Essex, England. He went to the English public school, Rugby, on scholarship and between 1963 and 1966 studied mathematics at Trinity College, Cambridge University where he obtained his B.S. and M.S. degrees. Rather than pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics he preferred to switch to neurophysiology under Giles Brindley. His education involved training in neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. Marr’s Ph.D. work resulted in a theory of the cerebellar cortex, the essence of which became “A Theory of the Cerebellar Cortex,” reproduced in Chapter 1 of this volume with a commentary by Thomas Thach. He wrote a short paper subsequently with Stephen Blomfield, “How the Cerebellum May Be Used,” (Chapter 2 in this volume with commentary by Jack Cowan). After obtaining his Ph.D., David Marr accepted an appointment to the scientific staff of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge in the division of Cell Biology under Sydney Brenner and Francis Crick.


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