Taste and Smell Disorders

  • Robert I. Henkin
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Taste and smell dysfunction reflect a panoply of symptoms affecting many people with varying intensity and diversity. Following a recent U.S. survey of smell, it was estimated that 16 million people exhibit some form of taste or smell dysfunction. Approximately 70% of patients exhibit four major diagnostic categories of disease; 25% have postinfluenza-like hyposmia and hypogeusia (PIHH), an illness which usually follows a severe coryza; 20% have an idiopathic cause (10% of these patients have some form of malignancy, commonly occult); 15% have had a head injury; and 12% have allergic rhinitis most commonly altering smell function.


Allergic Rhinitis Olfactory Epithelium Taste Function Major Diagnostic Category Salivary Gland Dysfunction 

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