• Loo-Keng Hua
  • Yuan Wang
  • J. G. C. Heijmans
Part of the Mathematical Modeling book series (MMO, volume 2)


Since the middle of the sixties, my assistants and I have visited twenty-six provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, hundreds of cities and thousands of factories, and we have met with millions of workers, peasants and technicians. The following questions sum up our experiences accumulated in this still on-going endeavor:
  1. 1)

    ”To whom?” and ”For what purpose?”

  2. 2)

    ”Which technique?” and

  3. 3)

    ”How to popularize?”

Some elaboration of these three questions is now in order.


Critical Path Diophantine Approximation Trial Point Infinite Dimensional Space Real Surface Area 
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  • Yuan Wang
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  • J. G. C. Heijmans
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