Numerical Pathfollowing Beyond Critical Points in ODE Models

  • P. Deuflhard
  • B. Fiedler
  • P. Kunkel
Part of the Progress in Scientific Computing book series (PSC, volume 7)


The paper deals with extensions of a continuation technique, that has recently been suggested and worked out by the authors. For turning point problems, an efficient technique is designed, which may be combined with any boundary value problem solver. For (simple) bifurcation points, several augmented systems are discussed in detail on the basis of stability considerations for ordinary differential equations. For difference or collocation methods, two efficient augmented systems are given. For multiple shooting techniques, an efficient and theoretically satisfactory treatment could only be found for “not too stiff” ODEs.


Bifurcation Point Multiple Shooting Augmented System Continuation Technique Kernel Vector 
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  • P. Deuflhard
  • B. Fiedler
  • P. Kunkel

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