On the Identification of Markov Processes by the Distribution of Hitting Times

  • P. J. Fitzsimmons
Part of the Progress in Probability and Statistics book series (PRPR, volume 13)


J. Glover [6,7] has recently provided a remarkable generalization of the celebrated Blumenthal, Getoor, McKean theorem [2] concerning the identification of Markov processes up to a time change. To state Glover’s theorem let X = (Xt,Px) and Y = (Yt,Qx) be right Markov processes on a common state space (E,E). Let Δ ε E be a cemetery point used to render the resolvents of X and Y Markovian. Recall that Δ is a trap for X and for Y; the lifetime of X (resp. Y) is then ζ = inf{t: Xt = Δ}(resp. n = inf{t: Yt = Δ}). For B ε E,let T(B) = inf{t>0: XtεB}, S(B) = inf{t>0: YtεB}. Recall that X, for example, is transient provided its potential kernel U is proper.


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