Large Deviations in Ergodic Theory

  • Steven Orey
Part of the Progress in Probability and Statistics book series (PRPR, volume 9)


The classical example of a large deviation result is Cramer’s theorem. It tells us, in a contemporary formulation, that if Y1, Y2,… is a sequence of independent real valued random variables with identical distribution function F such that
$$ f(\theta ) = E[\exp \{ \theta Y_1 \} [ = \smallint \exp \{ \theta y\} F(dy)$$
is finite for all finite θ,and if Zn = (Y1) + Y2 + … Yn/n then
$$ \text{k}(\text{x})\, = \,\mathop {\sup }\limits_\theta \,[\theta x\, - \,\log \,f(\theta )] $$
  1. (0.1)

    \( \overline {_{n \to \infty }^{\lim } } \frac{1} {\text{n}}\,\log \,\text{P}[z_n \, \in \text{A}]\, \leqslant \text{ } - \inf \text{ }k(a):a \in \text{A} \) A closed

  1. (0.2)

    \(\overline {_{n \to \infty }^{\lim } } \frac{1}{\text{n}}\,\log \,\text{P}[z_n \, \in \text{A}]\, \geqslant \text{ } - \inf \{ k(a):a \in \text{A}\}\) A Open.



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