All Supercuspidal Representations of SL over a P-Adic Field are Induced

  • P. C. Kutzko
  • P. J. SallyJr.
Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (PM, volume 40)


Let F be a p-adic field (a finite extension of Dp ), and let G = GLn (F). Then, it is predicted by Langlands that the set of n-dimensional representations of the absolute Weil group WF of F should parameterize naturally the admissible, irreducible (nonspecial) representations of G, and that, in particular, the irreducible, n-dimensional representations of WF should correspond under this parameterization to the irreducible supercuspidal representations of G.


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  • P. C. Kutzko
  • P. J. SallyJr.

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